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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tatted-Up Moms... New Trends

Wow what a weekend! I hung out with the ladies of LLM mentoring program, shopped, and went for sushi (YUMMY) with my friend.

Since my daughters 2nd birthday is coming soon I thought (emphasis on I thought) of getting a tattoo symbolizing her. My best friend sent me a link of a few bad "A" moms and them showcasing their tattoos; SO I thought I would share it with you and get your comments.

Angelina Jolie- She has all 6 of her children on her...BTW-this is a badddd dress :)

Victoria Beckham (I love her hair cut!)

Heidi Klum with Seal's name and her childrens initials...i'm sure this will change some with the recent news. :)

Even though Beyonce doesn't have a tattoo (that the public knows of yet) I'm sure she would be a candidate. I was having a little fun with bandanas and tried to replicate one of her pics. It just shouted SuaveHaus-M.I.L.F (MotherInLovewithFashion) to me.

Would you recommend a tattoo? If so, what should I get?

Oh and most of all....SHOUT OUT to TERRI for winning the first SuaveHaus Mommy&Me giveaway! I hope she enjoys it and THANK YOU for participating!!!



katalacjones said...

Well you know my take! I love tattoos as long as they are tasteful! Layla will love ir too! My vote is YES! Get a mommy daughter symbol

Yassminaa said...

Absolutely not!! Would you put a bumper sticker on a Aston Martin, Lamborghini or a Bentley? I hope not! ;)

Rebecca Edwards said...

I'm a supporter of tatted-up moms! Why should it matter if you are a mom or not as long as you are being yourself? Your daughter will respect you for that either way you decide to go in regards to the tattoo. As long as the tattoo is meaningful to you, it will be beautiful. I love looking at mine and plan to get one very soon when Cadence turns 1.

Terri said...

Yayyyy!!!! I'm Terri !! That's me!! I won!! Whoohooo!!!!

Now about the tatoo. Only get one if it's something that you really want, not because you think you should. And make sure it's in a discreet location. Something small and subtle. A few years ago I had a little tiny red heart placed on my chest as a symbol of so much love I had to give. It's perfectly placed that you can only see it when I wear low cut blouses and because I'm in a business environment, it never shows. :)

Anonymous said...

Well my name is Reeba and I was wondering, Did you ever get the tattoo?